This page briefly describes technologies used on this website. As I was able to make all technical choices, this also tells a bit about me as a software architect.

Django states: Django makes it easier to build better Web apps more quickly and with less code.

It actually does.

Django Flatpages

Although it’s purpose is to be used for one-off, special-case pages, such as “About” or “Privacy Policy” pages, on this site, it is used for all textual content and images. Even on pages that use forms, static content still comes from Flatpages. And so do menus. Yes, basic, unmodified Flatpages.

Django Markup

All content is written in reStructuredText and automatically converted into HTML with titles, images, figures, and tables. While this is definitely not appropriate for the vast majority of websites, as content editor must know a lot about the underlying system, here it saves time.

Django Grappelli and Django Filebrowser

This just makes Django Admin much more usable.

Django Material

It’s got the look.