Common Works Registration Software

‘CWR software’ and ‘common works registration software’ are googled more often than any other CWR-related query. And the results are usually disappointing for most.

Based on the feedback of those who contacted us, it seems that their initial expectation was that they would be able to download something, install it and, after a trial period, start paying for it. Or to start using some cloud service, preferably with a trial period. But the reality is a bit different.

Most of the publishers that contact us say they are “small publishers”, but when asked what they do, the answer is “everything”. And the matter of fact is that a lot of them have no focus. There is nothing wrong with this approach, but it has one very important consequence. They need the same software as majors do. Less data, but same functionality. For some reason, they often presume it would cost less because they are “small”.

A cloud-based solution could be priced based on the number of musical works, recordings, users and in that model, small would pay less. There is only one downside to this. A common solution implies common data structure, common activities, which translate to very similar work flows, and a similar strategy. There is nothing wrong with that, many publishers want to distinguish themselves in other areas. Which is natural, for most of them, it is about music, not so much about tools and procedures. So, they want them to be, actually, expect them to be simple.

Just Simple

You are truly a small publisher? Maybe just for your own music? There are solutions out there for you, and some of them are even free. We will be releasing one soon. If you are in US, then an Excel spreadsheet and our free EBR to CWR Converter may be all you need.

Support Everything and Be Simple

What could be easier? Winning a lottery, perhaps? Well, it actually might be.

Three generic strategies (according to Michael Porter) are cost leadership, differentiation and focus. In my opinion, barely surviving may be added to he list. But I refuse to offer any services to those opting for this lack of strategy. Tell me how you compete, and we may (or may not) be able to support you.

It would be only fair to say where we stand. In my book, we are a textbook example of differentiation in a narrow market. This is copied from Wikipedia page on Porter’s generic strategies:

A differentiation strategy is appropriate where the target customer segment is not price-sensitive, the market is competitive or saturated, customers have very specific needs which are possibly under-served, and the firm has unique resources and capabilities which enable it to satisfy these needs in ways that are difficult to copy.


If you are in also competing on differentiation, and the mainstream music copyright solution (currently there is only one) does not work for you, you are in the right place (currently there is only one). What we can offer you, other than consulting services, is to cover the complex “standard” parts of the process, such as CWR, and integrate seamlessly into your own solution, which can range from an Excel spreadsheet, to a big custom software project. Or you may even considering outsourcing “standard” parts to us. There may be a specialized turn-key solution for you, but it is probably not targeting you in their marketing. It is the Contact us page you are looking for at this point.


If you are a music publisher or you are providing services to music publishers, authors or performers, and you are competing on focus within this market, then it is hard to generalize whether we can help you or not. If you are focused on being an original publisher of production music in US, EU (still including UK), then the answer is definitely yes, but there are other good options as well, and the choice of the online platform for presenting and selling music is crucial. If you are that platform, then the answer is a clear yes.

Cost leadership

If you are truly competing on cost leadership, well, then we can definitely help you. Yes, it would mean you are a major company. And yes, still, the answer is he same. We can help you. Just have a good look at our Visual CWR Validator, or have some developer take a look, if you are not a techie yourself. What they will tell you is that it requires a complete parsing of a CWR file, with complete validation, and then generation of a far more complex format (CWR fields, rows and transactions enclosed in HTML tags). And all this is done extremely fast.

If you believe you are competing on cost leadership, but are a small company or a startup, I wish you a lot of success, but there is absolutely nothing we can do for you, as we do not offer that kind of professional help.