Goals of the Free Tools

When we initially released the free CWR tools, particularly Visual CWR Validator and EBR to CWR Converter, their main goals were marketing research and testing of the compatibility with various receiving parties. Both were successfully achieved. As a result, our CWR generation and acknowledgement parsing are fully compatible with all major societies and other receiving parties. But even more importantly, the marketing research showed very unexpected results, and we had to shift our marketing strategy accordingly.

Market Research Results

Initial plan was to offer outsourcing data administration services to small and medium-sized publishers. But most of them seem to prefer the idea of a turn-key online software. Some of them have already developed a “database” in-house, mostly in FileMaker, and now “are in the process of adding CWR capability”. While we do plan to release a turn-key online service in the nearer future, and have a neat working solution for the some of those stuck with File Maker and similar projects, neither group is our main target at this point.

We have had talks with larger publishers who want to move away from the “usual” commercial solution, towards one built in-house. While some of them are in the planning phase, most are actually stuck, due to wrong presumptions. But the most promising target group are various online services, ranging from music distribution and licencing platforms to actual online music publishing software vendors. These two groups are currently in our focus.

In short terms, it turned out that the top of the food chain, not only needs help with CWR, but they actually know it.

What can we do

It may be counter-intuitive that some software tools can be used to create in-house tools, without sharing the code. But with the official CWR documentation being what it is, no official examples, zillion of different interpretations and tons of other issues, the tools are actually helping in various phases of a project.

We were helping those who were able to create files that were close to being CWR with our free Visual CWR Validator (including ACK and repair versions) to make the last few steps. We will continue to do so, but with different tools. We have several dedicated software development tools that will be replacing the validator:

  • in our commercial CWR Developer Toolset:
    • Field Validator,
    • Record Validator (and fixer),
    • Transaction Validator (and fixer),
    • File Validator and,
    • Syntax Highlighter;
  • in Free CWR Tools:
    • Syntax Highligher,
    • Acknowledgement Parser and
    • a limited version of the Visual CWR Validator;
  • the new, commercial version of the Visual CWR Validator.

For those who got stuck at an earlier point, but have already invested a lot of time into developing their tools, we can help out with counsel and another revolutionary tool, the Complete version of our CWR Generator.

And for those just starting out, or stuck in a very early phase of the project, we have several detailed step-by-step workflows, dedicated development tools and, of course, counsel.