Django Music Publisher - OSS

Django Music Publisher is an open source (free software) solution for original music publishers, that includes managing of data on musical works, writers, performing artists, albums, and library releases, as well as basic statement processing. Integrated with CWR Developer Toolset, it can be used for batch registrations and acknowledgement processing.

Common Works Registration files it creates will be accepted by virtually any collecting organization (including ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, HFA, MDX, PRS/MCPS, GEMA) and all major sub-publishers. This has been tested with dozens of societies already and many publishers.

The current stable version is 18.9 (September 2018). The next stable version is planned for November.

Releases @ PyPi
Code @ GitHub

Following articles are not a required read, all technical information is accessible through the links above. Still, I felt I had to cover few extra topics.