Common Works Registration 3.0

With the forthcoming release of the specs for CWR 3.0, every software vendor will be moving towards it with new releases. Django Music Publisher is no exception here.

Django Music Publisher has a CWR3.0-compliant data structure since version 18.11. CWR Developer Toolset is used in 18.11 and it’s minor releases for CWR generation, so a preview of CWR 3.0 work registration has been included as a proof of concept.

Since version 19.1, CWR generation is in the open source code, and CWR 3.0 is not included. It will as soon as societies implement it. Please note that 18.11 is still available.

One Step Ahead

The support for other transaction types will follow as soon as CWR 3.0 is out. However, we wish to retain full compatibility with as many current receivers as possible, which will lead to some limitations, compromises and gradual changes. We will keep exactly one step ahead of societies.

Please note that for the actual CWR validation and generation, as well as syntax highlighting, it will still rely on the external commercial service. Of course, all these features will be visible in our freely available demos.

Feature Overview

CWR Features Present in
Feature Django Music Publisher CWR 2.1 CWR 2.2 CWR 3.0
Performing Artists Yes Yes Yes Yes
Recording Artists from 18.11 No No Yes
Recording Labels Yes No Yes Yes
Release Labels No Yes Yes No
Society work ID (from acknowledgements) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multiple publisher affiliations under consideration No No Yes
Multiple writer affiliations for performing rights Never** No No Yes
ISWC handling with CWR 3.0 No* No* Yes
Licence Reporting with CWR 3.0 No No Yes

* Some functionality was specified, but it was not implemented by societies

** Feel free to fork this open source project if you disagree

Data on Recordings is extended, data on releases is gone

CWR 3.0 is removing a lot of data from the specification, e.g. all the data related to albums is gone from CWR. This is a dubious decision, and Django Music Publisher will keep the Album and/or Library CD with all existing fields for the time being and deal with it when we will be implementing DDEX.

On the other hand, recording artists are now linked with the actual recordings, which is a clearly good call, and is already implemented in DMP. CWR exports and imports will have to wait for the first (test) implementations by societies.

Third Party Work IDs

This is actually a great feature and we will implement it as soon as possible.

Multiple publisher and writer affiliations

The goal of this project is not to compete with commercial solutions, but to lead the way with light versions of new features. It does not have to satisfy everyone out of the box, as long as it satisfied the most of “usual” original publishers. Published writers affiliating in multiple societies is definitely not something “usual”.

However, when it comes to publishers, that is something that will become completely usual and it will be implemented in the February 2019 release.

ISWC Handling and Licence Reporting

Both features are very important and will be implemented in one of the 2019 releases. It does not make sense to do it before societies have a go at these issues.