Django Music Publisher 20.7

The next major release comes out in July 2020.

It is not clear which way DMP will go, there are several possible directions:

  • Extending the functionality related to royalty distribution management. For this, we need more real-life examples from various societies. It is quite possible that only a single incoming royalty statement format will be accepted - CRD. This is closely related to my other open-source project, which will include CRD parsing, and it may not be ready until July.
  • Extending the functionality to include agreement registrations with CAF, as soon as it is implemented by societies, as well and finishing CWR 3.x support. I doubt societies will implement this before July.
  • Extending the compatibility with more societies, which might include GEMA (file upload is required) and BUMA/STEMRA (very custom share splits) and SACEM. DMP is fully compatible with societies from the US, Canada, the UK, and societies in most of the EU countries, so this is a natural next step. But, on the other hand, this will only happen if several publishers from these countries choose to put in some of their time and/or money.
  • Extending the functionality required by labels, primarily for production music hybrids companies (publishers+labels). This would require DDEX, but also dealing with music files, including limited access, as well as basic sales support.

I guess that the largest influence will come from, my optional paid pro support for DMP.