- Service Cancellation

NOTICE: DMP Guru service no longer exists.

This service was providing hosting for Django-Music-Publisher instances. The installation of Django-Music-Publisher to Heroku can now be performed by non-techies, and the free tier is enough for most small publishers.

I decided to stop providing hosting but focus on providing professional support. All paying clients were migrated to Heroku free of charge.

If you used the service, but did not download your database backup, you can still obtain it via e-mail. Please use the contact page for details on how to contact us. With Django-Music-Publisher being open source, and all previous versions (including the one you used) still available, you can use some other hosting arrangement.

We can install Django-Music-Publisher to Heroku for you, migrate the data and then upgrade to the latest stable version for a reasonable fee.

January 2020

Matija Kolarić