Hot to get Django Music Publisher?

I can make it really simple and completely free. It will still be free, but not as simple if you continue reading.

If you landed directly on this page, I can think of two good reasons for that. One, you followed some link from 2019 to a service that no longer exists. Two, you did a trial, and now want…

It no longer exists. In early 2019, it was not possible to simplify the installation of DMP (to a generic cloud platform) to the point that it required no technical skills. In early 2020, we are there. DMP guru became obsolete, and the alternative is free. Well, that is between you and Heroku (Salesforce).

If you used last year and want to continue using DMP, but for some reason did not download your database, or you did, but don’t know what to do next, you can install Django-Music-Publisher to Heroku and then contact us. We will help you with restoring your database.