Professional Support for Django Music Publisher

This article tells the background story about Professional Support Service. (Click on the previous link for direct access.)

First and foremost, DMP is free software. You don’t have to pay anything to use it. Even deploying it to the cloud can be free. This is what we recommend, at least for testing purposes. Just follow the link above to start with the process, and if you want to know more, it is described on DMP on Heroku page.

Our professional support service covers IT maintenance and user support. But, before we get to that, let’s cover what we don’t do.

What we do NOT do and why

Install DMP or assist with it

What kind of service does not support installation? Well, there is a good reason for it. It can be done by anyone who can use Facebook or Gmail, and we don’t really want to waste time on those who don’t.

Once you have installed it to Heroku properly, you can subscribe to our support service. The process is automated, and if there is no working DMP instance, then there is nothing to apply with.

Accept feature or bug requests

We expect that the vast majority of DMP users will not use our support. DMP has always been about supporting the smallest publishers worldwide by providing open-source software. When it comes to reporting bugs and suggesting new features, there is only one way, through the code repository.

Provide support to anyone but our clients

Without false modesty, DMP is a great piece of software, provided for free. Potentially, it may be used by thousands of small publishers. We simply can not afford to support all of them. Unless you are a paying subscriber to our pro service, that includes you.

Contact any third person on your behalf

The real question here is Who is the software vendor?

If you are in music publishing, then you know that the general public does not understand the difference between music publishers and labels, writers and performers, etc. This is a very similar situation. Software creators and vendors are two different roles. Creators create the software, and vendors distribute it and, usually, provide support.

In the case of DMP, the creator provides you with the source code under MIT License. You take this code, build the application, deploy it to your hosting solution and configure it. The fact that the process is very simple, does not change the fact that you are the vendor.

Vendors of DMP (you), who want to provide professional user support to the end-user (you again) can hire us for that. Same applies to technical maintenance.


A big part of this service is manual work, and much of this happens in the first couple of days. Therefore, we only want clients who are 100% sure they require it.

The best time to apply

While we can not say what that means for everyone, in most cases, it will after they have covered these steps:

  • installed DMP to Heroku
  • obtained CWR delivery code from their society
  • sent a test CWR file and gained delivery rights with their society

During these steps, a publisher has NOT committed to CWR delivery nor to using DMP for it. On the other hand, they have fully verified that DMP works with their society and that it works for their use case.

Full commitment

If they choose to proceed to actual registrations, then they have fully committed and may require user support. Also, they should keep their DMP instance up-to-date, which requires some technical skills, which is an important part of our service.

One should not simply delete their DMP instance and make a fresh installation after they made the first registration. This will undoubtedly result in new registrations overwriting old ones at your society. It is a mess hard and expensive to clean up.

What we do

Well, this one is really simple. We do security and bugfix updated when needed, as well as feature updates (when major versions of DMP are released), including reconfiguration when required.

And we provide user support via e-mail and, with an appointment, video-conference, about the use of DMP and related music publishing topics, as well as manage Heroku accounts in relation to DMP.