Additional features for DMP Guru instances

DMP Guru has one fundamental promise. No lock-in. Customers can download their database backups, install Django Music Publisher themselves, restore the database from the backup. And continue using Django Music Publisher normally.

But there must be some differences between classic installations and DMP Guru. Also, my various tools have some interesting functionalities in the context of DMP Guru, that I am not releasing as open source. If I add them to DMP Guru, then everything will not be exactly the same if someone moves away. “Using normally” means that the users will be able to do all the things they used to do, not necessarily in the exact same way.

Settings in the control panel

DMP Guru’s control panel is used for registration, setting and changing application settings, payments and invoices, etc. All configuration settings are set based on society affiliations. With vanilla instances of Django Music Publisher, one has to create the with settings that have the same result.

Single “normal” user

Django Music Publisher is a typical Django project and/or app. Usually, one creates a superuser in the console, who then manages users in the app. To simplify this, two permission groups are available through a fixture.

DMP Guru creates a single user on every DMP instance, who is not a superuser, but assigned to one of the two permission groups. Also, this user has no password set, as the password is stored in the control panel. This tightens security, as the database backup holds no passwords, even hashed ones.

If a customer is moving away, they basically have to, as the last step, either set a password for this user or create a superuser. The only difference will be that passwords are now changed in the app itself.

CWR Syntax Highlighting

CWR Syntax Highlighting is one of the online tools I provide. The web version is free, the API version is not. It comes bundled with other tools or as a bonus feature with some custom code. It is available to DMP Guru customers, but not in a vanilla Django Music Publisher.

Without it, one can still create, download and preview created CWR files. But with no syntax highlighting. One can work normally without it.

Please note that CWR syntax highlighting is not available for the acknowledgement files. In this case, having it in DMP Guru and not in the vanilla versions, would make a large difference when moving away. So, I chose not to include it.