Django Music Publisher uses Django’s administration interface as the only interface. I just changed the colours, blue to scarlet, to achieve some minimal recognizability. DMP Instances of on DMP Guru will keep this design. But the “control panel” site must not have the exact same look, users need to differentiate easily between it and their DMP instances.

The required functionality is quite simple, the simplified configuration of the DMP instance on one side and information related to the subscription, including payments and invoices on the other. This makes designing it quite straightforward, two columns. Even one of the colours is defined. The DMP scarlet. I chose to go with deep grey for the other, with a light grey background.


This interface is still basically the same as the index page of Django Admin, though the customers will rarely know. I deeply believe in the concept of free software and this goes beyond the code. What it really comes down to is having high quality, while keeping the costs down. By reusing the elements used in hundreds of projects, one ensures not only the current quality but also future development. Surely, things are not always polished on the surface, but they are usually near perfect beneath.

It is only 8 days till the planned release of Django Music Publisher version 19.1 “Epiphany”, as well as the release of DMP Guru. And there is still a significant amount of work to be done. The current design, or the lack of one, will have to do.