Frequently Asked Questions from Original Music Publishers

DMP Guru has now been live for three weeks, and it is time I made a report about what has been going on. But, before I start, if you want to see the actual FAQ, here is the link:

It took a week for the first “cold” publisher to start using DMP Guru. Within another week, first real registrations were submitted to PRS/MCPS through ICE Services and accepted, in total some 400 works by now. This means that this publisher is committed and is effectively a permanent client.

In the process, several bugs have been detected in Django Music Publisher (DMP). And fixed. All have been related to the CWR internal generation, which was the latest addition to DMP. Several minor interface enhancements have been added as well. After no new bug reports for days, the (second) minor release came out (19.1.2). All DMP instances have been upgraded to this version.

Testers who have tried other solutions have reported that DMP has the most intuitive interface, packing a lot of features in something that is quite self-explanatory.

However, there were also many questions. While all answers were already included in the documentation, some of them still came up. This led to changes in existing documentation, but also to the addition of FAQ, which is the main topic here.

A lot of the answers are just explaining what DMP is not or giving basic definitions of publishing terms. It also gives the simplified list of features that seem to matter most to publishers.

FAQ also features the current state of compatibility with various societies worldwide. Some of this is presumed based on successful registrations with my other tools, but the count is 28 where I am sure registrations and processing of acknowledgements will work.

And exactly 7 really meaningful technical questions. I surely hope there will be more of these.