Music Pub Cartoons - Music videos for metadata geeks

Playlist of videos about Django Music Publisher, including short tutorials.

The truth is that is not attracting nearly as many testers as I hoped. And among the few that did test it, the retention rate and the conversion into clients using other tools and services is a bit high for my taste. It means that too few people are coming to in the first place.

And the rationale for creating it was because I thought that installing Django Music Publisher was too complicated. Well, it is, but offering it as a service did not really have the effects I hoped for. I am also pretty high up on all relevant searches that are not really general. I would never be able to get up there for terms like “music software”. Even “music publishing software” shows results that have nothing to do with music publishing. Google, my friend, you simply don’t get it. But it seems there is nothing I can do about this.

Still, what I did notice is that there are absolutely no videos that cover the topics related to music metadata. Well. That cover them well. And, also, it seems that people are hesitant to register at all until they know exactly what they are registering for. So, not to go into chicken or egg game (chicken was definitely before), I decided to do videos.

I actually did several of those before, with very little result, and they just took ages to do the old way. And not near the quality I wanted. So, I decided to go for a simpler and faster approach. And the Music Pub Cartoons channel was born. But I also made several videos for videos

This is just the first of 8 videos a user will see as they use this service. There is another, a longer one, on the About page. And then, as a user goes through the registration process, they are guided with further videos. But these are just side-products.

Music Pub Cartoons

Music Pub Cartoons is a YouTube channel, but I am also releasing videos on Facebook. For now, at least. Anyway, I made around 60 for the first “season”. From mid-March to mid-June, three to four videos will be released every week, and then just one teaser per week during the summer, announcing the next season.

The first large topic covered is Django Music Publisher, in 14 videos, which also introduce I feel that this puts at a completely different level. I still don’t know if this will increase the number of people testing the service, but it was fun doing them.

And I already had conversions to other services. Well, Django Music Publisher is for original publishers only, and they seem not interested in making their life simple. Like me, they just like to nag.

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