Metadata Cleaning and Conversion

We take your music metadata, often in multiple custom formats, and combine it, detect and fix defects as needed, augment it, and then convert it to CWR/EBR/DDEX or some other format you require.

We can also process acknowledgement files and put the additional data from them back into your original dataset, as well as help with follow-up registrations. And we can help you with importing the output into the software of your choice.

Standard Conversions - DIY

Some conversions are quite standard for us, and we have well-tested tools for them. We use them, and our clients may use them on their own if they wish to. The vast majority of inputs are in some kind of Excel or CSV format, and if it can be converted into Electronic Batch Registration format, then we do it first and then we use this tool:

There are several other formats that we can easily convert into CWR, most notably DDEX MWN and all input formats for other CWR-capable tools. Please note that all this data may not really be CWR-compliant, we still need to validate and, if needed, fix it.

Manual Conversions

Metadata from various other online services dealing with music, most notably music distribution platforms that do not support CWR exports, is problematic. If it was not, they would have added CWR exporting feature. While it is possible to convert that data to CWR with a lot of manual work, the process is expensive. If you send us the data, we will give you a quote.

However, if you are just a production music publisher that doesn’t do sub-publishing or administration, nor overcomplicated co-publishing deals, we recommend using Django Music Publisher. While entering data manually does require some time, it is pretty much what we have to do for you one way or another.