Data Cleaning and Conversion as a Service

We take data from a client, often in multiple custom formats, and combine it, detect and fix defects, extend the data as needed and then convert it to CWR or some other format. This can be an one-time, or a continuous service. In case of CWR, we usually assist with initial delivery, as most collecting organizations require testing. We process acknowledgement files and help with follow-up registrations. We also provide statement processing.

Custom Conversion Tools

We build conversion tools that accept custom formats and create CWR or any other format our clients need. They can be web tools, integrated with Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Docs, or have any other interface.

Standard Conversion Tools

We have built several conversion tools that are needed by many potential clients, where input formats are exports from various services and exports are CWR, EBR, MWN or RIN.