Converting Data an EBR File into CWR and Delivering it to a Japanese Sub-Publisher

Our Client

Our client is a US-based production music library Pink Rex. They use EBR to register works in the US, a format not used outside US and Canada. They needed the data converted into CWR, so it can be delivered to their Japanese sub-publisher.

Using EBR to CWR Converter

At the time, the publicly available version of our EBR to CWR Conversion Tool did not have the option to add data on mechanical and synchronization rights. We were actually testing that functionality internally at the time. But now the actual data conversion can be done in the publicly available version.

Expert Validation

There is a major difference, though. Although the converter validates both the input and the output, an expert can spot issues the tool can not. If there are no issues, a client pays only for the time spent on running the conversion and looking at the file, which is quite short. And if there are issues detected and they have to be communicated back to the client or fixed by us, it is a bit more costly, but still far cheaper than dealing with consequences.


Sub-publisher imported the file into their system and registered works in Japan.


The client now uses an extended version of our EBR to CWR tool, for creation of CWR files with new works.


We can easily convert EBR files, or exports from SourceAudio, Harvest or any other similar platform into CWR. If you are making production music and need help with publishing data, sub-publishing or neighboring rights, we can help you.