Converting Data from a Music Distribution and Licencing Platform Export into CWR and Registering Works with PRS

PRS and ICE Services

All CWR registrations for PRS, as well as several other large European societies, are handled by ICE Services. Details of the process are described in more detail in another case.

Our Client

Our client is a UK publishing startup Muchas Music, focused on production music. They have signed a co-publishing deal for UK and Ireland with a BMI-affiliated original publisher, who is using a major music distribution and licencing platform for distribution. The works have been registered with BMI manually, so we started with a CSV file exported from SourceAudio.This is a relatively simple case, and there were just under 200 works, so we used the same file for the test (see another case) and for the real registrations.

CSV to CWR Conversion

We have extended the file with the missing required data, data about the sub-publisher (our client), the collected percentages in target territories (the UK and Ireland), as well as authors’ IPI Name Numbers, Society-assigned Agreement Numbers and some other information, and then ran it through our experimental CSV to CWR Conversion Tool. Yes, the same tool that is publicly available, except for the 40 works limit.

The file was sent to ICE and it passed the test and all works were accepted to PRS production database.

Sending Revisions

As our client’s client did not have any ISWCs in the file we started with, our client collected them and added them to the file later on. By that time, we had released a new version of the conversion tool, able to add few other fields, that are not required but may be relevant during the matching process. The updated file was converted by the upgraded tool and sent to ICE. Once again, 100% of the works were accepted.


Starting with a SourceAudio export is a bit more manual work, compared to a conversion from EBR. On the other hand, unlike in another case with 25 times more works to register, which were also significantly more complex, this one ran completely smoothly.

Although the initial registration was successful, we have concluded that we could do better with the same data, and the client has provided updates. In the end, the revisions were much more detailed, which may result in better matching and increased income.

If you are a sub-publisher and need your client’s data converted into CWR and registered at your societies or a publisher who needs to deliver the data in a CRW format, we can do it for you.