Software Solutions
for Music Publishers

We have three complete software solutions for music publishers in various stages of development. All would fit the following definition:

Software for managing music metadata, registration of musical works and royalty processing.

There are many similarities between them, they are built with same technologies and, in many cases, they use the same code. However, they are also very different. And not just by features they offer, but also by complexity of deployment and configuration, need for user education and support, and therefore price.

Each will first receive a brief introduction, followed by a comparison table.

Django-Music-Publisher (DMP)

DMP is a free open-source solution for original music publishers. Deployment can be done in under 5 minutes with zero technical skills. It comes with good documentation and video tutorials. You only need to know the basics of music publishing to start using it.

We offer professional (paid) support to those who have installed DMP, tested it, and chose to use it. If you need help to test it and make this choice, then it is not the right tool for you.

See for more information.


This software is DMP’s advanced sibling. We are still considering what to call it. It looks and feels like DMP, except that the interface is orange and not red.

It is only offered as a software-as-a-service. The pricing model is very simple. Regardless of number of users, works, recordings, releases, registrations and royalty statements, the price is fixed per installation. We charge €211 for the installation and initial setup and €125 per month for using the software, technical maintenance and user support. This comes out at €1711 for the first year.

(Orange) supports multiple controlled publishers, nominal administration agreements and very basic sub-publishing agreements, as well as multiple, per-territory affiliations for publishers.

In more practical terms, it supports:

  • US publishers affiliated with multiple PROs
  • publishers who are affiliated with multiple CMOs, effectively self-sub-publishers
  • administration for small original publishers, providing that everyone wants to keep things very simple and transparent
  • sub-publishing for small publishers, with the same expectations

Royalty processing is much more powerful, although not more complicated.

Clients can be given read-only access to their data.

On the other hand, like DMP, it uses single manuscript share model. It also has no notion of “other” publishers. They are the core of simplicity of both software, but they also impose strict limitations. Like DMP, (Orange) is not for every publisher.

It works great for those who have outgrown DMP, and those who would have outgrown it, had they used it. The migration from DMP to (Orange) is simple and most features from DMP are exactly the same. Even if you never used DMP in production, no time is wasted in trying it and then moving to (Orange).


This software is still in development. It has no known limitations in its design. But, it requires complex customisations for every client, proper education for all users and far more user support than the previous two. It also has a far smaller target group. All this shows in the price difference, compared to (Orange).

Comparison table

The following comparison tables list the most important differences between these solutions. Much of it will only make sense to those who have tried out DMP.


  Django-Music-Publisher (Orange) (Teal)
Software model Open-source SaaS SaaS
Price model Free, optional paid support Fixed (per instance) Complex
Project status Stable Beta In development
Price (1st year) 0 / €277 / €711 €1.711 from €7.111

Share model

  Django-Music-Publisher (Orange) (Teal)
Share model Single manuscript1 Single manuscript1 Complete2

1A single manuscript share is entered for each writer in work, presuming that share splits are same for all rights.

2Performance, mechanical and sync shares can be entered as manuscript shares, owned shares or collectible shares per territory or they can be calculated base on entered agreement data.

Writers and publishers

  Django-Music-Publisher (Orange) (Teal)
# of writers any any any
# of controlled publishers 1 (defined in settings) any any
# of other publishers 0 0 any
Per-territory affiliations   Publishers Writers
Client access   Read-only Full

Publishing agreements

  Django-Music-Publisher (Orange) (Teal)
Society-assigned agr. numbers Yes Yes Yes
Original agreements Yes Yes Yes
Original agr. - share transfer Global (defined in settings) Per agreement Per agreement
Original agr. - publisher fee General (per writer) or
Specific (per writer in work)
Per agreement Per agreement
Administration agreements   Yes Yes
Admin. agr. - share transfer   All collectible Per agreement (per territory)
Admin. agr. - publisher fee   Per agreement Per agreement (per territory)
Sub-publishing agreements   Yes Yes
Sub-pub. agr. - share transfer   All collectible Per agreement (per territory)
Sub-pub. agr. - publisher fee   Per agreement Per agreement (per territory)

Common Works Registration

  Django-Music-Publisher (Orange) (Teal)
Creating registrations Yes Yes Yes
CWR syntax highlighting Basic Full Full
Importing Acknowledgements ACK headers + ISWCs ACK headers + ISWCs All data with merging
Automated data exchange     Optional

Royalty processing

  Django-Music-Publisher (Orange) (Teal)
Input formats CSV (any) CSV (any) / Excel (any) CSV (any) / Excel (any) / CRD
Manual data input     Yes
Output formats CSV3 CSV3
Matching support   Yes Yes
Storing of data   Summaries Full
Automated statement delivery     Optional

3Same as input format with additional columns.

4Fully customisable, independent from input formats

Data imports

  Django-Music-Publisher (Orange) (Teal)
Custom format CSV CSV
Duplicates matching   Basic Advanced
Data merging     Yes
Third-party formats     Yes

Data exports

  Django-Music-Publisher (Orange) (Teal)
Custom format CSV
Third-party formats     Yes