There are frequently asked questions related to Minimal Common Works Registration Tool.

General Questions

What is Common Works Registration?

Common Works Registration (CWR) is a standard data format used by music publishers and societies for the registration of musical works worldwide.

So, this is a very specialized tool for a very specialized purpose?

Exactly. If you do not know what music publishers do, what is the difference between authors and performers etc., then this is definitely not a tool you need.

What are the benefits compared to the web registration form at my local society?

None. This is more of a proof of concept and a learning tool. But one that actually works (tested in PRS and BUMA) and is free.

I have downloaded a file. What now?

We encourage you to upload the file to the Visual CWR Validator and hover over the values for explanations.

Technical Questions

What are Sender Code, IPI Name, and IPI Base numbers? Can I just make them up?

You need to acquire them from your local society. If you just want to test the tool, without sending it to society, you can just make something up. Smallest valid IPI Name numbers are 199, 297, 395, 493, 591. Any three letters will do for Sender Code, and IPI Base is not required.

Where can I add original publishers for authors I do not control?

You can not. That information is not required and therefore does not fall under “minimal”.

Why do you have this 20 registration limit?

Because this is a learning tool and a proof of concept. If you use it for real registrations, you do not have a way to register revisions, process acknowledgements or royalty statements. But, send us a registration made in this tool and an actual ACK file received from a society (a proof that you are using the tool), and we will be happy to provide you with an unlimited access to this tool.

The society wrote something about agreement numbers or IPI base numbers or something else, I need help.

Copy-paste what they wrote in the contact form. The (still free) version for registered users probably covers that case as well, and if it does not, we might extend it for you.

What you can not do

I want to register more than one work in one registration. Can I still use this tool?

No. One is enough to learn basics.

Can I use this tool for creating CWR used for sub-publishing?

No. If music publishing is a significant part of what you do, you need a far better tool.

I want to register people as Arrangers, Sub-composers, Translators etc. Can I still use this tool?

No. This is usually a very bad idea unless you really know what you are doing. And then it is beyond this tool.

There are more than 3 authors in a work. Can I still use this tool?

No. Are 3 not enough for a proof of concept?

This registration is for POPular music, and I do SERious/JAZz/WTF or I want to register a MODification, not an ORIginal work or anything with Grand Rights, First Recording Refusal etc. Can I still use this tool?

No. All this requires extra information and knowledge and goes way beyond “minimal”.

We use different share splits for different territories. Can we still use this tool?

No. That goes beyond minimal.

Can you export our data?

No. We don’t save any of your data.

Can I download a file and then manually edit it, so I can work around your limitations?

Can you? Probably not, but you are free to try.