Visual Common Works Registration Validator

This tool validates CWR 2.1 files and outputs result as colored HTML with additional mouse-over information on all fields.

An output from the Visual CWR Validator A beginning of an output from the validator. All fields are colour-coded, and additional data is available with mouseover. In this particular example, the first work has two issues, one is related to misformed ALT row, and one is related to the sum of shares in general, the sum of mechanical shares is 75%. The second work is completely valid, while the third has a wrong header. This whole group should contain only New WoRks, not REVisions. All names and other data is randomly generated.

This tool was released in December 2017 as a free tool. From July 2018 to December 2018, there was a commercial and a free limited version. In December 2017, a year after the initial release, the free version was removed.

The yearly subscription is €400 per user. There is no demo, preview or anything alike, as the current target groups are those familiar with the tool and users of other services, most notably related to their in-house development. There is a YouTube video playlist about this tool.