Software Developer – Turning the Tide

In the previous post, I talked about few typical bad examples in software development. In this one, I wish to tell you about couple of negative examples recently turnined into positive ones. Read More

Most of the feature images in my posts are weekly free images from one of the photo stock sites. Few of them are my own images.

Software Developer

In last 10+ years, I have worked as an entrepreneur, an employee and freelance developer. I wish to say a word or two about how we provide for our daily bread. And other stuff. I will start with some quite usual situations that usually turn out badly. Read More

Exporting CWR files

Two different companies, only one somewhat involved in music publishing, have very recently asked me to help them with exporting their data to CWR format. If life or music industry were that simple… Read More

CWR 2.2

Common Works Registration Version 2.2 specification is here. Though the changes from version 2.1 are minor, most solution developers for both societies and publishers are in unknown waters.  Read More

A Year in Vending – Architecture and Optimizations

In this article, I am describing goals and architecture of vending telemetry solutions. Read More

A Year in Vending – Beyond Telemetry

In the first article of the series, I covered a bit of history of vending and some major problems that can be solved with vending telemetry. However, telemetry brings nothing new, it is plain old stuff, only in real time. In this article, I will take things a bit further, before going into technicalities in the following ones. Read More

It is twice as likely to be killed by a vending machine than by a shark. If you live in US.

A Year in Vending – Introduction

Internet of Things has brought first major changes in two thousand years of of vending. I had an opportunity to be be a part of the team working on one of the top European telemetry solutions in the time of emerging of Internet of Things. Such a challenging year!

This is a first in a short series of posts on the subject from a perspective of a consultant and a software architect. In the first one I will discuss a history of vending and a list of problems that telemetry can solve, with just a brief overview of solutions. In the second, it will be more about remote management of vending machines. And in later posts I may discuss some solutions in more depth. Read More

CWR Toolset – Common Errors

Few days ago I left Televend, which gave me an opportunity to catch up on some old topics. Creating a CWR Toolset has been on the top of the list, as I have a feeling that the industry is changing and moving away from a practically single software solution that was dominating the market for years. Read More

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