Common Works Registration Software

Python library for Common Works Registration was the first coded part of our Musical Rights Management Software-as-a-Service. It is a low-level Python library, although SaaS is based on Django.

CWR Library

When music is being created, the composition and lyrics (the work) come before the recording, or, very rarely, simultaneously. But never after. Thus the first major part in a musical rights management software must be the publishing part. And the first part of the publishing part must be creation of data needed for registration.

Databases of PROs (societies) must allow import from CWR, although they may allow other means of registration of musical works. As a consequence, our system allows only CWR-compliant data. Strict validation is performed when data is created, edited or imported, without exceptions.

This guarantees that we can always create valid CWR files accepted in all PROs. Using the same data for other relevant systems, such as YouTube’s Content ID, then just comes naturally.

Free CWR Tools

Another reason CWR library was first is because software needs to be tested as soon as possible in real life situations.

We have repeatedly seen new online services promising and failing. We needed various sources of data in different formats, ranging from single works, simple Excel files to valid and accepted CWR files, as well as faulty ones. So, we devised a set of free tools that are just thin wrappers around our CWR library, fulfilling exactly this need.

First Services

The third reason is to be able to perform services that so many publishers need badly. To get their data in order. To create valid CWR files they can send to their sub-publishers or PROs directly. To deal with acknowledgments, including rejects and conflicts. As soon as possible, both to start getting some money in and to learn and collect more data so needed for next phases of development.

Full Suite vs Registrations API

Very early it became obvious that we have two kind of potential clients when it comes to providing a Software-as-a-Service for registrations and claiming. The full suite for those that will only use our service and integrate registrations and feedback into the existing systems and integration with third party data.