EBR (Electronic Batch Registration) and CWR

EBR is a format used by US and Canadian music publishers for submitting registrations to ASCAP, BMI and SOCAN. Here it is compared to CWR, with special emphasis on conversions and sub-publishing.

Electronic Batch Registration

Idea behind EBR is to avoid CWR. CWR is complex and requires specialized tools. EBR was conceived as a simpler format that can be created and edited in MS Excel. Fill the data into the template and deliver it to your PRO through MusicMark.

Please note that EBR is not used outside US and Canada. And these three PROs only deal with performing rights, not mechanical or sync.

EBR compared to CWR

While EBR still seems complicated and often requires several iterations to the first successful submission, most of the tools that output CWR are expensive and probably too complex for the average user. And many actually produce invalid CWR.

On the other hand, if a specialized software can produce valid CWR (according to MusicMark), there is no need to output to EBR. EBR is much inferior to CWR in many respects, and there is no downside to CWR.

Converting EBR to CWR

If EBR contains writers that are not in ASCAP, BMI or SOCAN, in some cases there is nothing one can do. Not always, only in some cases… it is a long story.

EBR does not have all the required data to be converted to valid and complete CWR that can be sent to societies (PROs) directly. Of course, there are ways to add data, but that requires some manual work.

EBR can easily be converted to CWR that will get imported into your sub-publisher’s system. Well, easily if you have the tool. And yes, we do provide it as a service.

Societies No, Sub-Publishers Yes?

Exactly. Here goes the explanation.

EBR file has no data on mechanical or sync rights shares or affiliated societies. So, the first issue is to create those shares. In most cases it is as simple as “zeros on writers, double performing on publishers”. If that is the case, all done. If that is not the case, we can still help you, but will not go into details here.

The missing affiliate societies are not really an issue, since the sub-publisher will add themselves to the chain with their affiliate societies and pay you directly. So they do not need to know your PR or SR affiliation, and neither does their society. All is required is writers’ preforming rights affiliation, which is in EBR.

Creating complete CWR files from EBR

Our conversion tool actually accepts few additional columns in EBR. You send us EBR files, we send you modified files with additional columns, you fill them and send the Extended EBR files to us for conversion.

Please do use one of the links below to contact us for details.

Simple and Free EBR to CWR conversion

We provide a free tool for conversion from EBR file to a CWR file, but resulting file will only contain performance rights data, for reasons explained above: Simple EBR to CWR Conversion.