Services We Provide

We provide services for music rights industry, as well as general programming.

Data Crunching Services

We clean and convert data into CWR, assist with registrations and process statements. This is pure data cleaning, conversion and validation service, which can also be a self-service. Such self-services are custom tailored.

This unique service we provide to music publishers. Unlike most of our competitors, who use commercial tools built for other use cases, we use our own proprietary technology, developed specifically for this purpose.

Publishing Data Management

We do most or all of the administrator’s or sub-publisher’s back-office work, but we do it in the client’s name. In other words, we are an outsourcing partner, not an actual administrator or sub-publisher.

We use our own proprietary technology, designed and developed specifically for providing this service to third parties.

General Programming

We build software, mostly custom-tailored business applications with web-based and native mobile interfaces.

We do it as a service.