EBR to CWR Conversion Tool


There is a dedicated Youtube playlist about this tool.


Publishers, who submit musical work registrations to ASCAP, BMI or SOCAN in the Electronic Batch Registration (EBR) format, often keep their data in Excel files and can not create CWR, which is:

  • the best way for batch registrations at MROs
  • the best way to deliver data to sub-publishers
  • the best way to deliver data to DSPs
  • the only format for batch registration in collecting societies outside the US and Canada

This unique tool converts EBR (vanilla or with custom additional columns) into valid CWR.


All data is validated during the conversion, and issues are reported back, to make sure that the resulting CWR file will be valid and accepted by the receiving parties.

Interfaces: Web vs Dropbox app

There are two interfaces, a web form and, much more powerful, Dropbox app.

Partial conversions

With the Dropbox app, one can have partial conversions, separating data that passed validation from invalid data. In this way, valid registrations can be ready at once, while the others are being fixed.

In order to achieve this, a valid CWR file is created, and an EBR file with musical works that failed the validation.

Better error reporting

During the conversion process, our Dropbox app creates a file with detailed error descriptions.

Conversion of acknowledgements and ISWC assingments

For each delivered CWR file, societies send back one or more acknowledgement files, also in the CWR format, which is not human-readable. Also, some send separate files with ISWC assignments.

In order to give you proper insight into what happened, this file is converted into two files:

  • an Excel file, similar to EBR acknowledgement files from Musicmark
  • CWR file with syntax highlighting

Comparison Table

Yearly subscription €750 €1.250
EBR template Standard or Full Custom
Interface Web/Dropbox Web/Dropbox
Receiver compatibility
Sub-publishers Yes Yes
DSPs Yes Yes
MROs No Yes
Foreign societies No Yes
Input options
Smart fixing of bad data Optional Optional
Calculate mech. and sync. shares Optional Optional
Output options
Detailed error reporting Dropbox only Dropbox only
Partial exports from good data Dropbox only Dropbox only
EBR Files with unconverted data Dropbox only Dropbox only
Acknowledgements and ISWCs
CWR acknowledgement conversion Dropbox only Dropbox only
Import of ISWCs from CWR Dropbox only Dropbox only
Yearly subscription €750 €1.250