Consulting Services

My name is Matija Kolarić. I have been working on technical aspects of music publishing for over 12 years, creating tools that have been used for registrations of musical works at collecting societies and various online services, statement processing, metadata exchange etc., as developer, software architect and consultant. Various software solutions I (co-)made during this period have been used by various clients for registrations of millions of works at dozens of collecting organizations.

Consulting is definitely my core activity, and one of the two I can not really delegate to a coworker, the other being our core software development. On other parts of the site, using “we” is appropriate, but not here. And this is not likely to change any time soon.

I consult a bit differently than one might be used to, and especially differently than anyone else when it comes to music publishing tech. I have the tools to create large sets of demo data, to process the data fast, to display the data in a format that is as close as being human-readable as possible, and in most cases, I already have the core tech a client wants to create or buy or licence.

I was a professional consultant long before I was a professional software developer, and after close to 15 years, I hope to move away from the later role. This is the cause of the second big difference how I consult, compared to vanilla tech consultants. I often end up coaching the developers. This comes naturally, as most of the development in music publishing is domain-driven anyway, and I am an experienced developer with a lot of experience in the domain.

If you see what you like in the menu, go for it. If you are a developer who is working in music publishing, start with free tools and development tools. Anyone else should really start with articles.