Music Metadata

We created hundreds of articles and videos about music metadata and royalties, related tech, issues and solutions.


Our videos are hosted on YouTube, and organized into series (playlists). Some are more educational, while some are more focused on promoting our software. Here are four examples. For more, visit our channel.

Music Metadata Basics

Introducing basic music metadata terms: Musical Work, IPI, ISWC, Music Publisher, CMO, CWR, etc.
17 short videos, ~25 minutes in total

Music Publishing 101

Technology-oriented introduction, with practical examples made in both free and commercial software.
11 videos, ~1 hour in total
2019 – 2020, updated in 2021

Registering Internationally

Covering specifics of different countries when registering musical works.
2021 –

Royalty Management

Practical royalty management, using both free and commercial software.
2021 –