Videos and Articles about Music Rights and Metadata Tech

“It’s too complicated, you must make it simpler!”

We are doing our best to make our services powerful and yet, as simple as possible. But the result will never be simple! Music rights, and therefore music metadata topics, are very complex.


Following series are primarily educational, but they do contain occasional promotional messages.


Introducing basic music metadata terms: Musical Work, IPI, ISWC, Music Publisher, CMO, CWR, etc.
17 short videos, ~25 minutes in total
2020 —

Music Publishing

Technical introduction with practical examples made in both free and proprietary software.
10 videos, ~1 hour in total
2019 – 2020


From basics to hard-core tech.
5 videos, ~10 min in total


Challenges and solution outlines. Geeks only.
8 videos, ~45 minutes
2019 – 2020


Compilation of videos about CWR from other series.
2019 —

Thursday Thugs

For those who find music metadata boring.


Some topics are covered multiple times, some from an unusual perspective. And there are huge gaps. Still, when it comes to music metadata, particularly the publishing side of it, there is nothing out there that is even close to this.