The site matijakolaric.com represents the work of Matija Kolarić and his coworkers. A long time ago it was a personal blog, but now it seems it has its own life, increasingly becoming a point of interest for music industry techies.

Music Rights Management

We are working on several projects involving music rights, which share the same core library.

Most notably, we have released few handy and completely free CWR-related tools. We are offering custom-tailored Data Crunching Services , as well as Publishing Data Management Services to companies and individuals in the music industry, but primarily music publishers.

These activities will soon be forked into a separate business entity.

General Software Development

Matija has been working as a software developer and architect for over a decade now. The list of languages, frameworks, databases and other tools used in that period is quite long, with favourite stack being Django with PostgreSQL behind it and Django Restful Framework as an interface for React-based and mobile front-ends.

The list of industries worked in is even longer, ranging from pharmaceuticals through pharmacy, waste disposal, petrochemicals, agriculture, food distribution to music rights and event management. Covering server-side solutions for IoT, PDF processing, online reservation systems, web-shops, log management, audio processing, and much much more.

In last few years, Matija has been leading development teams, both ad hoc and more permanent ones. Some projects were developed from scratch, in others, the project was taken to the next level, and more often than not, it was about salvaging a project gone astray.

We do offer general software development as a service.