My name is Matija Kolarić. Currently, I am creating a novel software solution for music rights management with occasional ad hoc assignments as a software architect and lead developer.

Music Rights Management

Since the last summer (2017), I have been primarily working on a SaaS for music rights management. It is being co-developed and tested by few boutique music publishers.

We have released few handy CWR-related tools. I have written a series of articles about topics that came up during development.

General Software Development


Excerpt from a CWR library I am currently developing. It is already a base for various free CWR Tools, as well as services I provide with my colleagues.

I have been working as a software developer and architect for over a decade now. The list of languages, frameworks, databases and other tools I have used in that period is quite long, but my favorite stack is Django with PostgreSQL behind it and Django Restful Framework as interface for React-based and mobile front-ends.

The list of industries I have worked in is even longer, ranging from pharmaceuticals through pharmacy, waste disposal, petrochemicals, agriculture, food distribution to music rights and event management. I have done server side solutions for IoT, PDF processing, online reservation systems, web-shops, log management, audio processing, and much much more.

In last few years I have been leading development teams, both ad hoc and more permanent ones. Some projects were developed from scratch, in others I was taking the project to the next level, and more often than I would like, it was about salvaging a project gone astray.

Site Reconstruction

The site is going through a major reconstruction. My work has significantly changed in the last few years and I find both the format and the underlying technology of the old site lacking. It can be found here. I plan to completely remove it in the next months, once all relevant topics are covered on the new site.