Common Works Registration (CWR)

This website is currently the largest source of practical information about CWR, but it is in no way replacing the official CWR documentation that can be found at

Common Works Registration (CWR) is a protocol and data format for the registration of musical works. Ideally, a publisher creates a single CWR file and sends it to societies all over the world. Societies return acknowledgement files defined in the same standard. In reality, things are far from ideal, but CWR is still used worldwide.

The official documentation on CWR is quite complex and it provides no examples. And without an example, it is virtually impossible to get it right.

As a consequence, until recently, there were very few solutions that implement functional CWR, proprietary technology of major publishers or major software vendors, in both cases unavailable to small publishers.

In 2017, I started changing things with my articles and educational tools. In 2018, I released Django Music Publisher as open-source, the first open-source software that featured storage of metadata and CWR registrations. And I started helping publishers and software vendors with integrating CWR into their workflow and software.

I have also made many educational videos. Here is a playlist about Common Works Registration (CWR). It is a good place to start, then come back to these articles.

In the following articles, various aspects of CWR are covered.