Common Works Registration (CWR)

Common Works Registration (CWR) is a protocol and data format for the registration of musical works. Ideally, a publisher creates a single CWR file and sends it to societies all over the world. Societies return acknowledgement files defined in the same standard. In reality, things are far from ideal, but CWR is still used worldwide.

Most people find the official documentation (at lacking.

We provide a much more practical alternative, in form of videos, articles, free online tools, seminars, etc.

We are creators and vendors of That Green Thing, a music catalogue management software-as-a-service (also available under other brands), as well as creators of it's open-source sibling.

On the other hand, we support CMOs in integrating CWR process into their workflow.


Video series

There are over 20 videos in our Common Works Registration series, covering various aspects of CWR from the perspective of both music publishers and collective management organisations.

DMP and That Green Thing

DMP (Django-Music-Publisher) is free, open-source catalogue management software for single-entity original music publishers. (This means not for US publishers with separate ASCAP/BMI entities.) With two major upgrades per year, DMP has been empowering music publishers world-wide since 2018. However, only limited community support is available.

For publishers with multiple entities, who register internationally, do administration or sub-publishing, we offer a much more powerful solution That Green Thing. And it comes with great support.


These articles are older than the videos and tools. We make sure that the content is up-to-date, but do not plan to write many new ones.