Music Publishing Administration Software

Looking for software options?

If you are just a small original music publisher, Django Music Publisher may be the right solution for you. It is free, open-source cloud-based software for music publishers. You can install it, use and even modify it without any limitations, free of charge. Optional paid support is available.

Another option is based on using Excel with our conversion tools, such as EBR to CWR. If you have your data in Excel, and just need to streamline your processes with batch registrations and royalty statement processing, it may be the simplest way to do it.

If neither is right for you, then currently there is no generally best solution, even finding one to match your needs might be challenging. While this is the most informative site about these topics, no third-party solutions are mentioned here. People usually leave looking for simple answers first, and then come back when they find none. You are most welcome to do the same.

Looking for general information?

Since I started working on my own software tools for music publishers, I have realized that so many people simply do not get it.

Music publishing is not about the audible. It is a little bit about data and mostly about money.

But, you may be surprised why you ended up here, instead of on some website run by some well-known society, association or a major software vendor. Well, the answer is pretty simple. Because of the quality of the content - both informative articles and unmatched software tools.