Music Publishing Administration Software

If you are a small publisher looking for a simple software solution for music publishers, here are two we made. Below, you can find more general information, and even more in the articles linked at the bottom of this page.

Simple Catalog Management for Music Publishers

If you are a small original publisher (neither administrator nor sub-publisher), then Django Music Publisher is probably the best place to start. It is free (open-source) and can be deployed in under 5 minutes. Even if it is not the right tool for you, it has a huge educational value. It features a complex metadata model with total validation, batch registrations via CWR, data imports and exports and royalty statement processing. Optional professional support is available.

If you require more, we have a solution for catalogue management, registrations and data delivery to sub-publishers. Partial, as the main tool is plain old Excel. US PROs actually accept registrations in a format called EBR, which is just an Excel file. This format can be converted to CWR with our EBR to CWR tool. This will also work for administrators and sub-publishers. Keeping the data in Excel is far from ideal, but there is nothing out there that gives you as much freedom and, at the same time, worldwide compatibility.

We will be releasing a complete solution for catalogue management, including administration and sub/publishing, in the Q3 2020.

Looking for a different solution?

If neither is right for you, then finding one to match your needs might be challenging. At some point, you may choose to get a custom solution. We will be happy to create it for you. However, you probably want to explore other options first.

While this is the most informative site about catalogue software for music publishers, no third-party solutions are explicitly mentioned. In some parts of the world, like ours, it is considered rude.