Music Publishing Administration Software

This page is about software solutions for music publishers, introducing two simple ones and discussing the criteria for choosing the larger ones.

In the last 15 years, I have worked on a dozen projects that broadly fall under “music publishing administration software”. All of them were about processing music catalog metadata. And all of them were used by music publishers, or by companies providing services to music publishers. However, they were very different in so many ways.

Since this page started ranking well with search engines, I realized that they collectively cover only a part of what visitors are looking for. Let’s go through the usual suspects first.

Catalog Management for Music Publishers with CWR

If you are a small original publisher (neither administrator nor sub-publisher), then deploy and test Django-Music-Publisher by using this wizard.

US PROs actually accept registrations in a format called EBR, which is just an Excel file. This format can be converted to CWR with our EBR to CWR tool. This will also work for administrators and sub-publishers. But keeping the data in Excel is far from ideal.

If neither is right for you, then finding one to match your needs might be challenging. While this is the most informative site about these topics, no third-party solutions are explicitly mentioned. People usually leave to find simple answers and come back when they find none. You are most welcome to do the same.

Looking for information?

So many people simply do not get it.

Music publishing is not about the audible. It is a little bit about data and mostly about money.

You may be surprised why you ended up here, instead of on some website run by some well-known society, association or a major software vendor. Well, the answer is pretty simple. Because of the quality of the content: articles, videos and unmatched software tools.